IFEBP Conference

posted by ChrisHewitt
May 28

“CEO Laura Walsh spoke at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits (IFEBP) conference on February 7 and 8 in Orlando, Florida, and will do so again on June 14 and 15 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their topic was Health Care Reform, and the audience were primarily fellow administrators. Laura gave a PowerPoint presentation on some of the lesser-known requirements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, then formed part of a panel of experts during an open forum discussion the following day. The presentation was researched and written by Joe Sears, an Account Executive at Associated, and was a collaboration between Joe and Laura. As a new Account Executive, Joe Sears attended the IFEBP conference and was in the audience for the presentation.

The IFEBP expressed interest in having Laura speak again at future conferences on subjects of educational value to administrators, Trustees, and others involved in Taft-Hartley benefit funds.”

Managing Healthcare Reform (PDF)

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