Associated Administrators, LLC Mission Statement

To provide superior third party administrative services for employee benefit plans;

To deliver excellent customer service with our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals;

To exceed the expectations of the people we serve; and

To recognize that increasing market share and profitability are essential to our continued success.

To accomplish our mission, we believe we must:

  • – Maintain our integrity and fairness for each other, our customers, and business associates;
  • – Show respect for our fellow employees, our work environment, and a healthy balance between our work and family;
  • – Enhance our capabilities and skills throughout our careers;
  • – Be curious, imaginative, and courageous in challenging our current thinking;
  • – Generate new ideas and innovative solutions;
  • – Grow our expertise by learning through teamwork;
  • – Make continuous improvement a way of life;
  • – Strive for excellence in all our efforts;
  • – Establish strong networking relationships;
  • – Actively pursue growth opportunities; and
  • – Seek ways to improve and expand the services we offer to our clients.