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MemberXG Benefit system

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Summary Plan Description (“SPD”) Booklets

SMMs (Benefit Changes) to Plan JSS2 SPD
Plan Y SPD
SMMs (Benefit Changes) to Plan Y SPD
Plan Y20 SPD
SMMs (Benefit Changes) for Plan Y20 SPD
Plan Y30 SPD
SMMs (Benefit Changes) for Plan Y30 SPD
Plan Y40 SPD
Plan T SPD
SMMs (Benefit Changes) to Plan T SPD

SMM Telemedicine 2024

Covid-19 SMM

SMM Naloxone Update

Shoppers Dependent Audit Verification

Dependent Audit Initial Notice and Verification Notice
Frequently Asked Questions

Summary of Benefits and Coverage (“SBC”)

2021 SBC for Plan JS
2023 SBC for Plan JSS2
2023 SBC for Plan Y
2023 SBC for Plan Y20
2023 SBC for Plan Y30

2024 SBC for DHMO 5 SIG
2024 SBC for HMO Plan 5 SIG

Benefit Summaries

Plan Y40 Benefit Summary November 2023

Shoppers Open Enrollment

Plan JSS2 Full Time
Plan JSS2 Part Time
Plans Y and Y20 Full Time
Plan Y Part Time
Plan Y 20 Part Time

Payroll Deduction
Plan Y and Y20 (Full Time) and Plan JSS2 (FT & PT)
Plan Y20 (Part Time)
Plan Y30 (Part Time)

Enrollment Forms
Plan JSS2
Plan Y Full Time
Plan Y20 Part Time

Downloads (Forms)

Coordination of Benefits Form
HIPAA Authorization Form
LabCorp Facility List (Plan Y20 Participants Only)
Notice of Continuation or Termination of Disability for Group Accident & Sickness Benefits
Subrogation Agreements
Weekly Accident and Sickness Claim Form

Request for Federal Income Tax Withholding From Sick Pay

2024 Optum Rx Formulary List

2024 NF Preventive Services List

SMM Telemedicine 2024


NF Plan JSS2 Dentegra Summary
NF Plan Y Dentegra Summary
NF Plan Y20 Y30 Y40 Dentegra Summary
NF Plan J Dentegra Summary
NF Plan TR Dentegra Summary

Important Notices

Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice of Creditable Coverage
Notice of Surprise Billing Protections

Retiree Information

Non-Discrimination Notice

Useful Links

CareFirst PPO
GVS – Group Vision Service
Kaiser Permanente
Optum Rx
UFCW Local 400
UFCW Local 27
Beacon Health Options

Useful Numbers

Optum Rx 877-645-1282
Dentegra 877-280-4204
InforMed 866-290-8147
Beacon Health Options 800-454-8329
Group Vision Service 866-265-4626

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Transparency in Coverage: Machine Readable Files

The links below lead to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and include negotiated service rates between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

UFCW & PE In-Network Machine Readable File

UFCW & PE Allowed Amounts Machine Readable File

These forms are published on this page by Associated Administrators, LLC
on behalf of the Client Fund and are meant solely for the use of their participants.